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The Circular City Funding Guide – soon to be launched

The development of the Circular City Funding Guide is under way. This Guide will provide actors active in realizing the circular economy in European cities with detailed information on available funding; as well as guidelines to develop circular funding programmes. Developed as one action under the Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy, the objective of this guide is to stimulate and facilitate the transition from a linear to a circular economy in European cities.

Why a circular city funding guide?

Cities are the potential engines of the transition towards the circular economy. Providing a place to live for around 75% of its population, cities are where most of the European consumption, waste production and greenhouse gas emissions take place. In addition, European cities have an extremely high density of knowledge, data and capital. The circular economy offers an opportunity to respond to urban resource challenges by rethinking how we use materials, leading to new ways of creating value for all.

Although there are cities in Europe that already have implemented innovative circular projects, up-scaling and replication has been limited. Also, cities and other funding organizations have used their budgets and funds only to a limited extent to stimulate the transition to a circular economy. For this, sharing of knowledge, best practices and information on circular solutions and ways to finance these are needed. This is where the Circular City Funding Guide comes in.

What will the circular city funding guide offer?

When launched, the online Guide will provide users with information on the circular economy in the urban context and enable them to navigate through the broad and diverse funding landscape. Potential users may be looking to finance their circular city project, or to set up a funding programme for such projects. The Guide will also display information about circular city initiatives.

If you have some information that would fit in the Guide, please let us know!

What’s the plan?

The consortium of PNO Consultants and Innovation Engineering, that was commissioned by the European Investment Bank, with financing from the European Investment Advisory Hub, plans to finalise the guide for launch at the Circular City Funding Guide at the CITIES Forum in Porto (30 – 31 January 2020). In the meantime, the project team will keep interested stakeholders informed about the progress of the project.


If you are interested in the implementation of the circular economy in cities or want to stay informed about the development of the Circular City Funding Guide, please share your contact information with us. We will be very happy to keep you posted on milestones reached – of which the launch of the Guide will be the ultimate one!

Can’t wait?

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